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The Ghaly Center is the place for men and women living in Torrance, California, to experience healthcare solutions that let them live better — and longer. Under the leadership of Fouad Ghaly, MD, the center provides top-notch services in regenerative medicine.

Dr. Ghaly is one of the most influential physicians working in regenerative medicine therapies. He has participated in numerous regenerative medicine conferences all over the world. He has also collaborated with a distinguished, international group of leading physicians, researchers, and scientists on various projects. These projects include presentations on regenerative medicine, platelet-rich plasma therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, tissue-specific stem cell research and enhanced external counterpulsation.

Dr. Ghaly created the Ghaly Center for Regenerative Medicine in 1995 to focus his attention on this relatively new field. He incorporates innovative scientific research, alternative therapies, state-of-the-art technology, and conventional medicine to create customized treatment plans. He’s passionate about educating and guiding each patient.


Ghaly Center
20911 Earl Street, Suite 260
South Bay

Torrance, CA 90503
Phone: 310-341-4346
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