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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Fouad Ghaly, MD -  - Regenerative Medicine Specialist

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) offers numerous medical benefits for healing you on the inside, but it can also enhance your appearance by stimulating tissue that reduces scars and restores hair growth. At the Ghaly Center, renowned regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Fouad Ghaly provides PRP facial rejuvenation, scar therapy, and hair therapy. If you live in or around Torrance, California, call the office or use the online booking agent to learn more about how these therapies can rejuvenate your look.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Q & A


What is platelet-rich plasma?

Platelets are a component of your blood responsible for healing and clotting. The platelets contain growth hormones and protein that spur cellular rejuvenation and growth. Platelet-rich plasma is blood that has been drawn from your body and spun down in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelet contents. Dr. Ghaly then reinjects it into your skin or hair to stimulate rejuvenation.

How does platelet-rich plasma facial rejuvenation work?

Platelet-rich plasma facial rejuvenation involves reinjecting the PRP under the skin of your face to stimulate collagen production and the growth of new skin cells. Because your own blood develops the PRP, your body accepts it readily and uses it to jump-start its own healing.

What is PRP hair therapy?

Just as platelet-rich plasma can stimulate the growth of new skin cells, it can also reawaken dormant hair follicles. Dr. Ghaly injects the PRP into the area of the scalp where you want hair to grow. It’s particularly effective in treating thinning hair and male-pattern baldness.

How does platelet-rich plasma help with scar therapy?

The healing factors in platelet-rich plasma can also bring new life to tissue that then heals scars from acne, surgery, or an accident. The PRP also creates new blood vessels to improve the skin’s appearance, texture, and glow.

As with other PRP treatments, Dr. Ghaly draws your blood, spins it down to concentrate the platelets, and then injects it into the area surrounding the scar using a superfine needle.

Do PRP therapies involve pain and downtime?

A platelet-rich plasma therapy session usually takes about 30 minutes. You go home the same day. While injecting the PRP does involve a needle, the pain is minimal. Discuss concerns about discomfort with Dr. Ghaly, and he can offer a topical anesthetic.

Following an injection, you may experience slight redness, swelling, and pain at the injection site. All of these side effects are quite tolerable and usually fade within 24 hours.

You start to see the results of PRP therapies in about four to six weeks. This gives your body time to start the healing process. Optimal results typically emerge in three months.