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Stem Cell Therapy

Fouad Ghaly, MD -  - Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Ghaly Center

Fouad Ghaly, MD

Regenerative Medicine Specialist located in South Bay, Torrance, CA

As a regenerative medicine specialist in Torrance, California, Dr. Fouad Ghaly uses stem cells to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms. He uses adult stem cells in providing very real solutions and hope for people who have conditions that seem incurable. To find out more about stem cell therapies and how they can change your health outcome, contact the Ghaly Center by phone or make an appointment using the online booking agent.

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A


What are stem cells?

Stem cells are prized because they can morph into many different types of cells as they grow. These different types include:

  • Skin cells
  • Brain cells
  • Lung cells
  • Other organ cells

They serve as an initial repair system in many tissues. Newly formed cells can grow as additional stem cells or cells of a specified tissue.

How are stem cells used in regenerative medicine?

Dr. Ghaly injects stem cells into areas that need rehabilitation, such as a failing hip or knee joint. The stem cells go to work regenerating and healing, giving you new tissue without the need for invasive joint replacements.

And, because stem cells have unique regenerative abilities, they have the potential to be a game-changing treatment for diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

What stem cell therapies are offered?

Dr. Ghaly offers stem cell therapies using adult and Adipose-derived stem cells. These therapies include:

Adipose-derived stem cell therapy and SVF: Dr. Ghaly uses a simple needle extraction process to remove stem cells from the fat, also known as adipose tissue, around your belly. These cells are processed and reinjected into joints, such as the knee or ankle, to stimulate repair.

Nano-G Stem Cell Treatment: Dr. Ghaly uses a specific type of stem cell to boost the capacity of your own aging stem cells and reverse some age-related disorders.

What are adult stem cells?

Adult stem cells usually come from the patient who is to receive them. Often, Dr. Ghaly extracts them from your own abdominal fat tissue.